The first thing that comes to mind about the city of Orlando, Florida is of course, Disney, but this subtropical paradise has so much more to offer. A sunshine-drenched metropolis, the city of Orlando attracts big businesses, residents young and old and tourists year round. The mild temperature and the constant presence of water make this the ideal location for the outdoor enthusiast. Over the past several decades, Orlando has also become the regional center for the arts and film industries.

Hardly just the family-vacation destination or retirement community, its rich diversity of population, distinct neighborhoods and high quality of life have kept Orlando flourishing even when other parts of the country have been struggling. "Orlando has had a better run of things in the last few years than many other areas in the country, and there are a whole lot of people moving to Orlando" Craig Thomas, Director of Research, Torto Wheaton Research. Orlando Business Journal, Nov/Dec 2004.

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The city extends numerous resources to area and relocating businesses, including tax incentives and development programs. With over 130,000 students, employers have the creme of the crop to choose from when building their workforce. The vibrant economy supports not only corporate success, but enables small businesses and independent contractors and artisans to pursue their goals as well. An ideal setting for singles or families, the area's natural beauty illustrates ecology in action. The numerous public, private and charter schools provide parents with essential choices in education. A diverse population and rich cultural climate provide a warm welcome to people of all ages and backgrounds.

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